COVID-19: Indians turn to improvised oxygen to cope with scarcity

By Wisdom Deji-Folutile

Indians are turning to Do-It-Yourself oxygen to withstand the pressure created by Coronavirus.
Google Trends data showed searches for the phrase “how to make oxygen at home” peaked on April 25 as the crisis worsened, while YouTube videos detailing such processes have amassed hundreds of thousands of views.
Videos showing how to make oxygen through methods like electrolysis are increasing in number.

However, doctors and experts in India have warned the population of the possible hazards when making medical oxygen at home.

Many of the effects of such an activity could be catastrophic, leading to explosions and leak of toxic gases, they warned.


“There is a scientifically proven method to produce medical oxygen through concentrators. Any other means to try making the gas at home involves many risks like chances of toxic gases being inhaled and explosions,” a health official from Southern state of Tamil Nadu said.

Another scientist, Tarun Bhatnagar, called the attempts to make homemade oxygen unreliable, stating that such activities was dangerous.

India has, over the last couple of weeks, become the new epicentre of the Coronavirus.
The country now faces a daily average of 380,000 infections.