Bandits are tired of fighting, want peace –Ex NHIS Secretary says


By Wisdom Deji-Folutile

Usman Yusuf, former Executive Secretary of the National Health Insurance Scheme, has said that bandits are seeking redress and want genuine peace.

Yusuf said he learned that the bandits are “tired” and are eager to resolve the conflict after several meetings with them.

Speaking during an interview on Arise TV on Tuesday, he said that the bandits would listen to religious clerics of all faiths.


He said, “This is what we find out: in all the five states we went, they listen to clerics. They listen to the sheikhs. They are tired and want genuine peace. We go there through clerics. They listen to clerics; all clerics of all faiths.”

The former NHIS secretary also said that there was no military solution to the rise of bandits and that banditry should be treated as a social problem.

He said, “There’s a role for the military, but if anybody tells you there’s a military solution to this conflict, he’s either dishonest, or he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. There’s no military solution to this problem.

“Banditry is a social problem and not a military one. We are increasingly militarising what is essentially a social problem. We are dropping a million-dollar bomb on people we should be providing water for.”