We can’t confirm if Shekau is dead –Nigerian Army


The Nigerian Army has said that  it cannot confirm if Abubakar Shekau, Boko Haram leader, was dead.

Shekau was reportedly killed on Wednesday in a confrontation with fighters of the Islamic State in West Africa Province, a breakaway faction of Boko Haram.

According to a police intelligence report, ISWAP commanders were quoted to have said Shekau killed himself with a bomb “when he observed that the ISWAP fighters wanted to capture him alive”.

Mohammed Yerima, spokesperson for the Nigerian Army on Friday said the death claim was still being investigated.

He said, “We cannot confirm that he is dead. We’re still investigating.”

The Nigerian military had at least on three times declared that its troops had killed Shekau.

However, the terror leader had come out shortly to dismiss the military’s claim.


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