Indian couple hold mid-air wedding with 160 guests on board a plane to avoid lockdown rules



An Indian couple reportedly held a mid-air wedding with more than 160 guests on board a plane to avoid lockdown rules.

The couple, known only as Rakesh and Dakshina, got married on board a SpiceJet plane with friends and family on Sunday after booking a chartered flight from the city of Madurai, India.

More than 160 guests were on board the Boeing 737 to attend the ceremony and video footage showed them all packed onto the hired jet as India’s official death toll topped 300,000 today.

The state of Tamil Nadu, where the flight set off from, is currently under lockdown restrictions where weddings are limited to 50 guests.

Airport officials were also unaware of the proceedings taking place directly above the Madurai Meenakshi Amman Temple where the couple had intended to marry.

“The airport authority officials are totally unaware about the marriage ceremony which took place mid-air,” an airport official said.

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Film and photos of the on board celebrations were posted on social media.

In breach of civil aviation rules, hardly any of them are wearing masks and social distancing rules are blatantly ignored.

The aviation watchdog for India, Directorate General of Civil Aviation, suggested that the airline lodge a complaint against the newlyweds and their guests, reports said.


All could be banned from taking passenger flights.

A SpiceJet spokesperson told the Indian Express that the flight was booked from Madurai to Bangalore by a travel agent for a trip after a wedding.

The wedding comes after hundreds of villagers broke Coronavirus lockdown in India to attend a funeral for a horse.

Police say villagers in Southern Karnataka state gathered on Sunday to pay respects to the animal, which had belonged to a local religious organisation.


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