Most bandits are tired –Sheikh Gumi


By Henry Okonkwo


Popular Kaduna-based Islamic scholar, Sheikh Ahmad Gumi, has disclosed that bandits were willing to drop their guns and embrace peace.

Gumi reportedly said this on Tuesday in a chat with journalists.

Bandits have continually carried out killings and kidnappings in various parts of Northern Nigeria.

They have made schools, farms and social activities in the region unsafe.

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The Islamic cleric explained that the bandits were yearning for a truce and ready to lay down their arms if they get a genuine partnership from the government.

He said, “Yes, it’s very true that the bandits are tired. The bandits are saying they were pushed into banditry by circumstances.

“If they have a genuine partner, they are ready to stop it; they are tired and want peace.

“As regards their ongoing activities, you realise that even when soldiers are fighting and a ceasefire is declared, it takes a long time before they stop fighting.

“Generally, they are ready for peace, in fact, we have gathered their representatives, discussed with them, and they said they are ready but need a genuine partner. Politics is the cause of this issue.”


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