We’ve lost over $2m due to COVID-19 closure –Silverbird Cinemas Ghana


By Henry Okonkwo

Silverbird Cinemas Ghana has disclosed that they incurred a financial loss of $2m and laid off over 300 staff due to the COVID-19 lockdown that was implemented on cinemas in the country.

The COVID-19 pandemic caused the Ghanaian Government to place a ban on social gatherings and events.

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Calculating their loss, Business Manager of Silverbird Cinemas Ghana, Nana Yaw, said they have been bearing the brunt of the closure for over 15 months.

Yaw said, “Annually we are hovering in the margins of $2m a year, that’s how much Accra Mall makes in a year and so that’s how much we have lost.

“Silverbird Cinema is to comply with the operational guidelines for theatres and cinemas halls that have been put in place. We have been ready since our first engagement with government in 2020.”


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