VIDEO: How Nigerians ‘manage’ to get safe water to drink, amidst economic downturn



By Gideon Adonai
WATER is critically essential to human life; but it has become a scarce commodity to get among Nigerians in the face of economic hardship.
The effect of COVID-19 has dealt a hard blow on people’s means of livelihood around the world; however, the case appears to be even more devastating as the price of food items, and water, most especially has doubled, threatening to tripe and of care is not taken, quadruple.

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When AF24news spoke with Mr Oludare Sunday, who is a business man, he says it is very difficult for him to get potable water, narrating that it was previously sold at ₦10.00 a sachet; but sadly, it is now sold for ₦20.00.
Mr Oludare further stated that water for utilities is also bought for ₦20.00 for 25 litres as it is very scarce to get.
Another man, in Ajegunle Boundary says it’s ₦10.00 for a sachet and that he also buys water for utilities.


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