Nnamdi Kanu built cult of gangsters with his group –IPOB founder, Emekesiri


By Henry Okonkwo

Founder of the Customary Government of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Emeka Emekesiri, has accused Nnamdi Kanu, factional leader of the group, of building a ‘cult of gangsters’.

Emekesiri disclosed that Kanu hijacked IPOB from him and the originators of the group and insisted that Kanu was not speaking for people of the South-East.

The lawyer also noted that his faction of IPOB was working towards actualising Biafra with submissions made at the National Assembly and court.

Emekesiri insisted that Kanu’s rearrest does not affect the pursuit of Biafra’s agitation by his faction of IPOB.

He said, “The original IPOB is still going on and nothing has happened to us, it’s just that those of you guys in the media, you promote the Nnamdi Kanu faction because he makes a lot of noise and you don’t want to promote the one that is before the Nigerian Government.

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“You can take a telephone now and call Aso Rock, call the Senate President and ask about us, they have our documents, they have our case and our papers are before the Nigerian authorities.

“So we are moving forward and nothing has stopped us from moving forward.

“So Nnamdi Kanu’s arrest concerns his faction, his cult, he built a cult of gangsters and so he is not speaking for us. Let it be known that Nnamdi Kanu does not speak for the Igbo nation.”


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