Media already well regulated, Senator Ikenya tells lawmakers


By Henry Okonkwo

Senator Joel Ikenya on Wednesday called on the National Assembly to stop efforts to further gag the media as he said the media in Nigeria was already well regulated.

Ikenya, who represented Southern Taraba Senatorial District at the seventh National Assembly, however, told lawmakers to focus on how to regulate social media.

He said, “I think they should just allow the media landscape as it is. The media in Nigeria is already well regulated and should not be gagged even more. That is not correct.

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“My only concern is social media where people just churn out information they know to be false to create tension.

“Yes, I agree completely that social media needs to be regulated to the extent that people who post false information should be held accountable for their actions because some of this information can trigger war and bloodshed.

“Otherwise, I think the Nigerian media has been responsible enough to be allowed to be.”


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