Actress Evan Okoro alleges death threats over new movie


By Henry Okonkwo

Nigerian actress, Evan Okoro, has taken to social media to allege death threats from some quarters over her latest movie, ‘Bigo Madness’.

In some videos uploaded on her Instagram page, the movie star could be seen crying while calling on colleagues and the public at large to come to her rescue.

“My life is in danger. I need you guys, where are my Nollywood people, where are my fellow Nigerians. I don’t want to die, they want to kill me,” she said in one of the videos.


“I need your help, not when I die then I would be seeing my posts everywhere with rest in peace tags. I don’t know where to go from here, or who to run to.

“I am very scared right now, they want to kill me because of a movie that I shot. Just a movie!”

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In another clip, Okoro disclosed that she had managed to escape being lynched by her attackers.

“I am at the police station. Some group of boys from Biko want to end my life for nothing. Look at what they did to them. They asked me to pull down my movie or else they would terminate my life. Thank God I escaped from them,” the movie producer said while wearing a bruised face.

In a post accompanying the video, she wrote, “Guys my life is in danger, I don’t think I’m safe anymore, they want to kill me because of the movie that I produced titled ‘Bigo Madness’.

“They ask me to pull down the movie or they will end my life, that they don’t want the app to go viral….. please I need help, I am at the police station right now, scared of going back home.”