Colombia arrests 10 persons over attack on President’s helicopter

By Gideon Adonai
Ten people have been arrested by Columbia police authorities over accusation of involvement in attacks on a helicopter carrying President Ivan Duque.
A military base was also attacked last month, officials said on Thursday, adding that they were planned by former FARC rebel leaders based in Venezuela.
Reuters report reveals that the car bombing at the base in the North-Eastern city of Cucuta, home to the army’s 30th brigade, wounded 44 people including two U.S. military advisers.
In June, a helicopter approaching city with Duque and other officials aboard was strafed by bullets.
The 10 people captured in Norte de Santander province are former FARC rebels, who rejected a 2016 peace deal, Attorney-General, Francisco Barbosa, said in a press conference broadcast via social media.

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Three persons took part in the planning and execution of both attacks and have been detained and charged, while another is a retired army captain, Barbosa said.
Orders to carry out the attacks came from former FARC leaders, who are operating from Venezuela, Defence Minister Diego Molano, said during the conference.
He said the incidents demonstrated the government of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro sheltered FARC dissidents, calling them “terrorists”.
“It’s clear that this attack against the president, against the 30th brigade, was planned from Venezuela,” Molano said.
The Venezuelan Government did not immediately respond to a request for comment.
Colombia’s government has long accused Maduro of turning a blind eye to the presence of Colombian rebels on his country’s territory.
Maduro in turn has said Venezuela was a victim of criminals from Colombia.