Dubai creates artificial rain to combat heatwave


Dubai is continuing its creation of fake rain to tackle an ongoing heatwave in the region.

Drones are used for heavy downpours, partly caused by cloud-seeding projects.

Dubai deals with extremely hot summers with temperatures over 50°C.

The United Arab Emirates’s National Center of Meteorology uses drone technology for electrical charges into clouds.


This causes the clouds to cluster and form precipitation.

For this year, the NCM released a video of monsoon-like showers and sparking flashes of lightning.

The rain and strong winds cut visibility on roads and created difficult driving conditions, The National reported.

Cloud seeding, one of nine different rain-making projects, is often used in the UAE.

Others include dropping salt or other chemicals into clouds for condensation.

Drought-prone countries such as China and India use cloud seeding, which is also effective for preventing rainfall and controlling flooding.

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