Stock of Honeywell Flour Mills appreciates by 28.13 per cent to ₦2.05 in a week

By Gideon Adonai
Honeywell gained two billionaire naira in a week.

Honeywell Flour Mill Plc investors are some of the few investors who smiled to the bank in the past week according to a report released by the company on Monday seen by AF24news.

The price of the company’s stock appreciated by 28.13 percent or ₦0.45 from ₦1.60 last week to close at ₦2.05 a share this week.

During the week, investors traded 9,020,791.00 shares of Honeywell Flour Mill Plc on Monday at ₦1.6 a unit.

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The price rose by ₦0.6 to N1.66 on Tuesday despite investors trading just 3,430,476.00 shares. The stock continues to move higher with renewed interests in the company. Price rose to ₦1.7 a unit on Wednesday with 1,902,232.00 trading volume.
On Thursday and Friday, the shares rose to ₦1.87 and ₦2.05 as investors transacted 384,071,393.00 and 15,486,569.00 shares, respectively.
The company broke its 52-week record-high of ₦1.76 a share to set a new one at ₦2.05 a share.
Honeywell Flourmills market capitalisation rose to ₦16.257 billion, up from ₦14.83 billion it closed on Thursday.