PepsiCo seeks to cut plastic by 50%, plans going carbon-neutral

By Gideon Adonai

PepsiCo Inc, said to be one of the biggest producers of plastic bottles, has said it will drastically cut its use of the material as part of a new round of sustainability goals.

So-called virgin plastic will be reduced by 50% by 2030, the company said, Bloomberg reports.

During the same period, the company also said it would implement regenerative farming practices across its agricultural footprint of about seven million acres.

By 2040, PepsiCo said it planned to achieve net-zero emissions.

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The company will use its scale “to help build a sustainable food system,” PepsiCo Chief Executive Officer Ramon Laguarta said in an interview. “Consumers will see much more innovation.”

For example, the company’s Lay’s chips will be made from potatoes that are grown through regenerative agriculture, with net-zero emissions and sold in biodegradable packaging.

Some fully composetable, plant-based Frito-Lay snack packaging will be available to consumers later this month, the company said.

Additionally, the company said it plans to make more snack foods from plant-based proteins, nuts and whole grains.

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