Zimbabwe imposes compulsory COVID-19 shots amid national reluctance

All Zimbabwean civil servants have been mandated to get vaccinated against COVID-19 before being allowed to work, while churches are now permitted to move from 100 people at a service to half their capacity if congregants are fully vaccinated, AF24news has learnt.

Speaking after the Cabinet meeting, Information Minister Monica Mutsvangwa said that other social gatherings, such as weddings and funerals are still limited to 100 people, since it is difficult to enforce the need for vaccinations at such events, making further relaxation very difficult.

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Meanwhile, human rights watchdogs, along with workers’ unions have said while they welcome the government’s desire to get all Zimbabweans vaccinated for Covid-19, the idea of a mandate for government workers may violate their constitutional rights.

While Zimbabwe has had a smooth Covid-19 vaccination rollout, resistance among citizens has led to a low uptake. Over 4,8 million people have received a first dose, with 13,2% of the population fully vaccinated.

Zimbabwe has recorded more than 126,817 cases of Covid-19, including 4,550 deaths and 119,216 recoveries since the start of the pandemic.

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