Uber expands to P/Harcourt, Ibadan to provide access to more riders, drivers

Uber has announced the expansion of its footprint to Port Harcourt and Ibadan in Nigeria.

The move is intended to unlock growth opportunities in the cities and now, it makes Uber available in five cities across the country, including Lagos, Abuja, and Benin City.

This expansion means more drivers have access to earning opportunities and more riders have an affordable, convenient, and reliable travel solution throughout Nigeria at the tap of a button.

Riders in Port Harcourt and Ibadan will be able to order UberX rides and will be given an upfront pricing estimate, meaning they will never have to guess how much they would have to spend.

Tope Akinwumi, Country Manager for Uber Nigeria said, “We are excited about this announcement as we remain committed to keeping riders moving and drivers earning despite the various challenges brought about by the pandemic. Using the Uber app has become a reliable earnings opportunity in Nigeria. We believe that Uber has the potential to provide an alternative source of income that is pivotal to our efforts to contribute to economic recovery and growth in the country,”

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“We plan to be everywhere. We want to be the option of choice for commuters, looking to get to where they need to quickly, safely and conveniently. With that in mind, any progressive, forward-thinking city is where we want to be. We are excited to launch in Ibadan and Port Harcourt, and look forward to growing our footprint in Nigeria.”

Since launch, Uber has provided earnings opportunity for over 20, 000 active driver-partners, and through this expansion, more Nigerians will have a chance at economic growth.

Uber’s technology is open and pro-choice, meaning the app is available to a broad number of transport operators to boost their occupancy rates and chances for profit.

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