Weekend Watch: Five movies and shows to see this weekend

By Victor Egwuom

It’s the weekend, and it’s a good time to unwind and see some shows/movies that you’ve been postponing. Here, we have compiled a list of interesting new releases that are currently setting social media abuzz.

It won’t be a bad idea to catch up on these titles before Monday so you don’t have to step into the office without understanding any of the references your co-workers are using (again).

1. The Guilty

God bless Maggie Gyllenhaal’s mother for also birthing Jake Gyllenhaal. He was exceptional as always in this movie. It’s about a 911 call operator who is trying to rescue a kidnapped woman who phones. Lots of great plot twists and superb voice acting as we don’t get to see most of the cast. All in all, it’s a great watch for a slow Saturday. Let’s be honest; any good thriller is.

2. Squid Game

If you haven’t heard of this series by now, I don’t know where you’re living. Even people living under a rock would have heard of it. Also, if you are thinking, ‘Oh, I can’t watch a Korean movie, I don’t like Korean movies’, well I guarantee you will like this one. It’s a completely bingeable high-wire act of a show and I’m willing to bet you can finish it in a day.

3. The Closer

Dave Chapelle’s new Netflix special is as watchable as all his previous ones. He hits all his familiar talking points while trying to reminisce on his past Netflix shows as this will be his last one for a while. He does all this while remaining as funny as ever.

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4. Seinfeld

All nine seasons of Seinfeld just landed on Netflix this month. That is nine hilarious seasons of Jerry and his friends living life in New York. It’s a completely entertaining show that will definitely get you through more than this weekend.

5. What If…?

This is the only non-Netflix selection. This is the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe TV show and it is animated. The tagline is a reimagining of all our favourite MCU moments so far and how different they would have been if one or two things were different. What if Agent Carter was Captain America? With brilliant voice-overs including one by Chadwick Boseman in the second episode, it is a thrilling watch. The final episode came out this week so you can binge all eight episodes in one sitting.


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