I felt my soul leave my body: Passenger on Kaduna-Abuja train attacked by bandits

Aisha Bindawa. Credit: @ayshabdw | Twitter

Jesusegun Alagbe

Aisha Bindawa, who was among the over 900 passengers of a Kaduna-Abuja train attacked by terrorists on Monday night, has shared how lucky she was to have remained alive.

I never thought i would post again, after the man beside me was shot i had already started feeling my soul leaving my body too but Allah has better plan for us.. May all the souls of the departed be In Peace. May Allah reunite the abducted with their families. #trainattack (sic),” she tweeted on Tuesday.


The train attack, the second on the route in five months, saw at least seven people killed. Many were injured and several missing after the terrorists attacked the 970-passenger train.

Two Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC) workers and five security personnel were reported to have died.

NRC said in a statement Tuesday it had temporarily suspended services on the Abuja-Kaduna route following the attack.

Nigerian Army troops have also been deployed to the location, officials said.

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The terrorists reportedly planted explosives on the rail tracks and bombed the train just before Rijana, a community along the rail line in Kaduna notorious for kidnapping and other security breaches. The incident location was some 30 minutes train ride before Kaduna city.

The terrorists, known locally as bandits, had on 21 October 2021 attacked a Kaduna-Abuja train with explosives.

The attack, which took place between 21-22 October, left passengers traumatised, with reports that the attackers also fired live rounds into driver compartments.