One dies, seven injured in Lagos accident


One person was recovered dead while seven others sustained varying degrees of injuries in an accident in the Alapere area of Lagos State during the early hours of Saturday.

The Lagos State Emergency Management Agency confirmed the incident in a statement, adding that the agency rescued seven passengers and recovered one dead adult male that was killed as a result of the accident.

The Permanent Secretary LASEMA, Dr.Olufemi Oke-Osanyitolu, said the accident occurred when a J5 Bus occupied by passengers as well as onions, rammed into a trailer conveying plywoods that was exiting a company.

According to him, the injured victims, mainly made up of passengers from the J5 Bus, were promptly tended to by the agency’s medical team before they were quickly conveyed to the Trauma Center domiciled within the Gbagada General Hospital for further treatment.


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He said the preliminary report has it that, “On getting to the scene of the incident, it was discovered that a trailer with registration number SD- 325 XY conveying plywoods and a J5 Bus with registration KRD 882 EU loaded with Onions were involved in an accident.

“Further information gathered revealed that the J5 Bus, due to reckless driving, ran into the triller which was coming out of a company.


“Unfortunately an adult male who got trapped under the trailer lost his life while, about seven others (occupants of the Bus), were injured.

“The injured victims were treated by the Agency’s medical team and the LASAMBUS before being taken to the Trauma Center for further treatment.

“The trapped victim (dead) has been recovered, bagged, and handed over to the family at the incident scene, while the affected trailer has been recovered with the aid of the agency’s heavy-duty equipment (‘Goliath’ giant forklift) and taken to the LASTMA Yard with the aid of the agency’s heavy-duty tow truck ‘the Super metro’.

“The affected bus was also recovered off the road to a lay-by with the aid of the agency’s light tow truck, and thereafter, it was handed over to officials of the Nigerian Police Force.”


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