Queen Margrethe of Denmark tests positive for Covid-19 a day after she attended the Queen’s funeral and rubbed shoulders with King Charles


Queen Margrethe of Denmark has tested positive for Covid-19 just 24 hours after attending the Queen’s funeral and mourning events in London.

On Monday, Westminster Abbey was packed full of 2,000 people including world leaders, foreign royals for the funeral service. Representatives of more than 20 Royal Families were present at the service including the reigning monarchs of the Netherlands, Spain and Norway.

Vaccinated Margrethe, 82, who is Europe’s longest-serving current head of state, and the only current queen regnant, tested positive for the virus on Tuesday evening, the royal household said.


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The Queen was in attendance at Westminster Abbey along with her son Crown Prince Frederik, and the two went on to the Queen’s Committal Service in Windsor afterward on Monday September 19.

The monarch also paid her respects to the Queen by visiting her coffin in Westminster Hall on Sunday night and attended the Buckingham Palace ‘reception of the century’ where she was pictured chatting closely with King Charles.