What I hate about men in movie industry – Olamide Odunlade


Beautiful actress, Olamide Oyindamola Odunlade popularly known as “ Olamideoyin Omomala” who recently declared on her Instagram page that “it is better to join a witch society than being in Nollywood” has shared some of her put-offs with Potpourri in a WhatsApp, suggesting that the men are just as bad as the women in Nollywood.

According to her, the women are fond of eye-service and are mostly betrayers while the men wouldn’t lift a muscle to help anyone one unless there is something to gain in return.

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“What turns me off about the movie industry is their eye-service from the women and the men have to be dating you or collecting money from you before they can feature you in movies. They hardly believe in talent nowadays. It is either the bed or your cash,” she said.

Olamide also shared some of her experiences with the opposite sex, revealing that she left her ex swhen his mother called her to choose between acting or her son.The Omo Mala chose her career because she believed so much in her growth, which had seen her produced three movie, namely; Mojere, Omo Mala and Kosedurowo. Her latest project “The First Tornado is at the post-production stage.