Help, My picture Used As Young Tinubu In Documentaries – Ex-Gov Donald Duke Cries Out

"This isn't young Tinubu, it's at me at 12 years old," says Donald Duke

By Henry Okonkwo

Donald Duke, the former governor of Cross River state, has claimed that his photograph was used in various documentaries to depict the childhood of Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the All Progressive Congress presidential candidate.

Duke made this startling revelation during a roundtable that was organised by the Front Fort Media Initiative and the MacArthur Foundation held recently in Lagos.


Recall that in a bid to clear the numerous controversies surrounding the background of Tinubu’s presidential candidacy, APC supporters and their media teams packaged various documentaries to launder the image of their presidential candidate.

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The documentaries which were televised some months ago on the TVC, and also uploaded on various YouTube channels, used a slew of photos and videos to narrate the life history, political ascendancy, and achievements of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu in Nigeria politics.

And in the video, a particular monochrome photograph of a young boy in dark sunglasses, seated and with his fingers joined together, was cited as Bola Tinubu during his years as a young boy.

However, Duke told AF24News that the photo of the boy shown as ‘young Tinubu’ in the documentaries, is him and not the Bola Tinubu as televised. He said that he took the picture when he was 12 years old.

“The picture of the boy used as Bola Tinubu in all the documentaries is me. I am the boy in the picture, not Tinubu as they claimed in their documentaries. That photo was taken when I was 12 years old during my school years at the Federal Government College Sokoto, in Sokoto state.” Duke said.