Most Nigerian married men are miserable with their wives in bed – San Grace


Nollywood actress, San Grace has accused some married men of not living up to their duties, in the other room, saying most of them are miserable in bed and are guilty of several sins against their wives.

The actress stirred the hornet’s nest in an Instagram post on her page, asking a question, “Married men, why is it that you don’t sexually satisfy your wives in bed?”

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She said, “One, married men don’t give head. They don’t give enough foreplay. They don’t care about the orgasm of their wives and they are really selfish when it comes to actually satisfying their wives. They are really egoistic, they think they are doing well whereas they are far from well. A lot of them don’t know their wives’ bodies, they don’t care about her Most of them are just miserable in bed.”