Nasarawa community protests five years without electricity


Residents of the Wazobia community in Mararaba, Karu council area of Nasarawa, have protested five years of power outage.

The community chairman, Ifeanyi Alamaujo, led other residents in a protest to the Mararaba area office of the Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (AEDC).

“We marched to the AEDC Mararaba area office because we are paying for electricity, but we don’t get service. Sometimes, we get supply for only 10 minutes,” Mr Alamaujo explained.

He said the protesting residents had stormed the electricity firm’s office “to discuss with the management to know why we don’t get power supply.”


“It has been five years. It is too much,” the community chairman stated.

The AEDC area manager, Aluko Temidayo, assured the community that the company would do the needful.

“Like I promised, we will do the needful to make everyone happy. We cannot be 100 per cent perfect because of our system. We will do something that, at the end of the day, you will see changes,” the AEDC area manager stated.

Mr Temidayo pointed out that the stage “we are in now is a general problem,” noting that the blackout is not limited to “your community alone, but we will do our best to make our customers happy.”

The AEDC manager added, “If our customers are not happy, we too are not happy too because you pay our salaries. Please bear with us.”

One of the protesters, Comfort Raphael, told the electricity company that “the women of Wazobia community came out today because we are not happy.”

Ms Raphael stated, “We trust the AEDC area manager’s promise. We will come back here again if things do not improve.”

A community elder, John Otitoaja, appealed to AEDC to move the community from 11KVA to 33KVA to enhance the steady power supply to the community.