Ghana primaries: Parliamentary candidate sprays cash on delegates at Ejura Sekyedumase

A parliamentary hopeful in Ejura Sekyedumase, Juliana Kinang-Wassan, caused a major stir as she drew crowds of delegates to her vehicle when she arrived at the voting centre recklessly throwing cash on delegates.
Kinang-Wassan showed up at the voting centre the incumbent Muhammad Bawa Brimah and the other three contenders had already cast their ballots and decided to announce her arrival by raining cash on delegates and observers at the voting centre.
Reports indicate that the notes that were seen flying in the air ranged from as little as five cedi notes to as much as a hundred cedi notes.
Commenting on the development, however, the incumbent Muhammad Bawa Brimah contended he was not disturbed by the development.

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“I am not the least perturbed by what she has done. The status quo will prevail. I am winning this seat and what she has done doesn’t change anything.”
A member of the NDC legal team, Nii Kpakpo Samoa Addo, who saw the video on Citi TV called on the party to immediately sanction the MP aspirant.
He condemned the behaviour of Kinang-Wassan adding that her conduct amounted to vote buying and influencing delegates at the voting centre.
He added that the conduct of the MP could have led to a stampede resulting in loss of lives at the centre.


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