Assault: Seun was provoked, says manager


Ayo Moses, Seun Kuti’s manager has said his client was provoked by the police officer.
According to Vanguard newspapers, the manager said the police officer was actually the one guilty of provoking Seun into physically assaulting him.

“On the said day, Seun was driving with his family on the third mainland bridge when he was suddenly hit from behind by a police truck being driven by an officer who was reportedly drunk.

This act from the officer led Seun’s daughter into a sudden shock, as she was visibly shaken by the hit.

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So, this made Seun pursue the truck, double-crossed it and forced it to a stop. When the police officer got down from the truck, instead of apologising, he was arguing with Seun, which provoked him to slap the officer.


People should realise that men in uniforms also provoke civilians. Immunity is no excuse for impunity,” the newspaper wrote.


The musician had earlier today reported at the Lagos Police Command and was promptly arrested.


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