Russian forces no longer capable of large-scale offensive action, Ukraine claims


The Defence Intelligence of Ukraine said Russian forces are no longer capable of large-scale offensive action and are mainly on the defensive – but Moscow is able to sustain the current rate of missile attacks.

Defence Intelligence spokesperson Andriy Yusov told Ukrainian television on Monday that Russia “is on the defensive” when it comes to discussing “the entire front line” and they are without the resources “to repeat large-scale offensive actions.”

“They have been preparing for defence all this time, and this is a serious factor that the Ukrainian command certainly takes into account when preparing for the de-occupation of Ukrainian territories,” the official added.

Yusov said the goal of Russian missile strikes have changed and their intensity has lessened since the winter when there were high-volume attacks on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure.


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Yusov said that on Ukraine’s northern border, the Russians were increasingly using “subversive reconnaissance groups” that were trying to probe border regions. Some had shot at civilians in the northern region of Chernihiv, he alleged.


The Ukrainian official also claimed that Kyiv was aware of the “health problems” of Belarus leader Alexander Lukashenko, but said he would not elaborate on the topic “for various reasons.”

Lukashenko has not been seen in public since a recent visit to Moscow. On Sunday he did not appear at a national celebration in the capital Minsk to mark the annual Day of the State Flag, Emblem, and Anthem of Belarus.