Speaker: Kalu as Deputy will end agitation for self-determination, says Abia coalition


A coalition of Abia Stakeholders says the choice of Benjamin Kalu (APC-Abia), as the Deputy Speaker of the 10th House of Representatives, will end agitation for self-determination by the people of the region.

Mr Dike Uche, the Convener, said this during a solidarity match by the stakeholders to the National Assembly in Abuja on Monday.
He said Kalu remained the sole consensus candidate for the position of the Deputy Speaker chosen by the region.

According to him such inclusiveness in the choice of Kalu, a South Easterner, will end the agitation for self-determination and it will subside and as a matter of fact help in the healing process.
He said Igbo are demanding for the position of Speaker, but since the APC has zoned out the seat, the choice must be respected.

“As a party man, the party is supreme. I would have wanted Kalu as the speaker but the party has said he should start from somewhere, who knows he may end up as President someday.”


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He said with Kalu as Speaker or Deputy Speaker, “Nigerians will know they have someone that will represent them well, urging all members-elect to come in unison and return Kalu unopposed.”
He said of the members currently in the House of Reps, Kalu has distinguished himself and discharged his responsibility creditably well.

Reacting to the poor outing of the APC in the South East in the general election and the justification for demanding the deputy Speaker slot, Dike said the elections were over.

“Elections are over, the president-elect is coming to govern Nigeria irrespective of political affiliation because if you compute the vote scored by the other major candidates it’s almost double what the president-elect got. The president-elect is not going to govern only those who voted for him, he is now the president of Nigeria, Abia and South East inclusive,” he said.


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