Hilda Baci: Current record holder Tondon appeals to Nigerians to ‘maintain peace’


The current record holder for the longest cooking marathon, Chef Lata Tondon has appealed to Nigerians to maintain peace as they await a confirmation from Guinness World Records to officially confirm Hilda Baci as a new record holder.

AF24NEWS reports that Nigerian chef Baci had on Monday completed a cooking marathon of over 100 hours, tentatively breaking and setting a new record for the longest cooking time.

Since the milestone was reached, Nigerians have demanded that Guinness announce that she has broken the record.

Some have also taken to Tondon Instagram page, commenting on the Indian chef’s posts.


In a recent post on her page, the chef from Rewa, Madhya Pradesh reminded parties to not take the development too seriously.

Lata Tondon on her Instagram Story in response to reactions concerning Hilda Baci’s record-breaking attempt

Tondon urged both Indian and Nigerian nationals to maintain peace as the wait for Guinness to confirm Baci’s record continues.

“A humble request to all my sisters and brothers in Nigeria and India to maintain peace and wait for Guinness to officially announce if the current record is broken or not,” Lata said on her Instagram story.

“Please don’t make it a competition, it’s just a record, my friends. I am a peace-loving person and wish same for you.” Lata added

Chef Lata holds the current official record for the longest cooking time by an individual, with 87 hours and 45 minutes.