Hilda Baci: Don’t depend on BBL surgery to blow, use your brain too – Cubana ChiefPriest tells ladies


Nigerian celebrity Barman, Okechukwu Chibuike Pascal, popularly known as Cubana ChiefPriest, has called out ladies who undergo the Brazilian butt lift to enhance their backside without improving their skills.

He made this call after Nigerian chef, Hilda Baci broke a previous record and set a new one by completing 100 hours of non-stop cooking by a single individual.

In a post via his Instagram page, Cubana ChiefPriest said it is not enough to undergo BBL, stressing that passion and consistency are needed before an individual can come to the limelight.

According to him, ladies need to stay smart, make smart moves, and be determined in chasing their goals like Hilda Baci.


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He said, “You need more than ass and boobs to blow, what you need is passion for what you do and consistency. No be today Hilda begin this food journey e don the.

“Success no be fluke you must work for and it’s not something that comes overnight. Do your ass oh, do your boobs oh but do your persistence too, do your brain too so as to stay smart and make smart moves, build your energy too, the ability to make up your mind to chase a goal is major.

“She never knew it was gonna be like this but she knew she was gonna grow beyond who she used to be, she is a star.

“As for uno why day complain no worry when you do it right and blow the world will support you like Hilda. What you put in it is what you get.

“E no easy to blow, people who posted and came to support her did it because they joined the trend of greatness, they can’t avoid it”