Queer couples line up the streets as France celebrates ten years of gay marriage (video)


Hundreds of same-sex couples cheered as loud music filled the air in central Paris on Wednesday, May 17, to mark 10 years since gay marriage was legalized in France.

Lesbian couple, Isabelle Scharff and Catherine Pommier, from Paris, had been together for 15 years when they finally were able to get married in 2013.

“For us, this is about getting recognition for our love, for our relationship, and of the fact that now, we’re just like any other couple in France,” Pommier said to Reuters after sharing a kiss with her wife.

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France enacted a law that granted same-sex couples the right to get married and jointly adopt children on May 17, 2013, becoming the 13th nation worldwide to legalize gay marriage.


The first same-sex marriage in France then took place in Montpellier on May 29, 2013.

Watch video below