Charles Okocha warms heart with ‘phenomenal’ moment he gifted mom a designer bag


Popular Nollywood actor Charles Okocha has touched the hearts of many online through a heartwarming video featuring himself and his mother, Ngozi Okocha.

Known for his unwavering admiration for his loved ones, especially his children, the actor took the spotlight in a viral video as he serenaded his beloved mother, creating a truly touching moment.

In the video, Okocha affectionately greets his mother as she arrives at his home, energetically descending the stairs with a bag in his hand, cheerfully chanting, “My phenomenal mama.”

Filled with delight, his mother responds enthusiastically, expressing her happiness about the designer bag, and both engage in a spirited conversation, lavishing each other with compliments and playfully referring to themselves as “phenomenal.”


Okocha shared the heartwarming clip on his Instagram page, accompanied by the caption, “Dear Momma, @ngoziokocha_, my love for you is truly phenomenal.”


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The actor and comedian has made a name for himself with his new penchant: “phenomenal daughter.”