We’ll do our best to stay in Premier League–Iwobi

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 03: Alex Iwobi of Everton in action during the Premier League match between Everton FC and Liverpool FC at Goodison Park on September 03, 2022 in Liverpool, England. (Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images)


Everton player Alex Iwobi has said the players are ready to give the Sunday match against Bournemouth their all to stay in the Premier League.

He told Daily Mail, ” We want to stay in the Premier League. Honestly we are not thinking about going into the Championship – not in my mind. I am just making sure next season we are in the Premier League.’

” Everton is a big club. You can be out minding your business and you see fans and they are so lively and energetic for the club. It just makes me feel like it is a privilege and an honour to represent such a big club. My gardener has said to me: “We’ll do it…we” do it.” I said to him: “I’m sure we will.”


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“It gives me that extra feeling of “who am I doing it for?” I’m just doing it for (anonymous) people. I know the effect it would have on them. If Everton go down, they would be devastated. Everton means so much to them. If I’m not doing it for myself, at least let me do it for them.


My neighbours are Everton fans,’ he says. ‘I live in Manchester but they are Everton fans. If I am walking my dog or dogs, they always say: “Come on! You can’t go down!”
“My gardener is an Everton fan, too. He says: ‘We can do it! We can do it!’ It amazes me how many Everton fans are around.

“We don’t want that history where Everton go down and it is all on us. It is not going to happen on our names – that is what we are trying to make sure doesn’t happen. Seamus will probably talk before the game and that will definitely kick us off.’


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